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There is a moment in every artist’s life when, with a little nod to Janet Jackson, fairy godmother of the modern diva, they feel the irresistible urge to step it up and take full control. For Alesha Dixon, that time is now. In a glittering career that has transformed her from Home Counties hopeful to household name Alesha has earned her stripes in the music business. Now it’s time to prove it, front of house and behind the scenes.

Alesha Dixon has worn many hats over her astonishing 16-year career. She opened her musical hand as a finger-snapping Rude Girl, one third of the brilliant Misteeq, part of the original bedrock UKG scene that went on to take the world (nobody brrrrrapped better than Alesha). Next she was the sleek millennial solo proposition, a finely tuned groove machine. In an unexpected career diversion – seriously, who takes the career swerve from 2step to the Ballroom? – she fashioned a brilliant second career as Saturday teatime TV royalty, first at Strictly then Britain’s Got Talent. For her re-entry to pop’s top sphere in 2015, she is all about doing it her way.

Alesha Dixon has taken creative and business control of every aspect of her fourth solo record. It will be the first release on her Precious Stone Records label. This time she’s the boss. ‘It feels great. I find the whole thing funny, in a way. Precious Stone Records? Little old me? But I also take it very seriously.’

‘I feel like in many ways, I’ve done it all,’ Alesha says. ‘The whole music industry, the craziness, the pressure, the politics, you do get a buzz off it and want to be a part of it. I’ve been lucky that I’ve experienced small independents and huge majors, platinum albums and albums not coming out. I’ve been round the block on what the industry can do with you. But what I’ve never done is taken complete control of it all.’

Alesha is the singer and author of 9 top 10 singles and 3 platinum albums. Her musical gifts have been rewarded with MOBO awards and Brit nominations. Her effervescent single, The Boy Does Nothing, is a million-seller and reached the top 10 in 12 global territories. Her album The Alesha Show was one of only five platinum albums in Britain in 2010. She has proven time and again that British musical talent, delivered sincerely, from the heart and on point, can slay on the world stage.

Now is the time to do everything on her terms. ‘I’ve got all that wealth of knowledge and I’m in the best place emotionally that I’ve been in my entire life. Put the two together and it’s added up to making the best and most personal record of my life which is all about doing it for the love. It’s all come back to the music.’

Alesha first thought about heading back into the musical milieu as long ago as 2012. ‘Then I fell pregnant with my little girl and that put it on hold for two years. You can’t seriously hope to give everything you need to a record while you’re breast-feeding,’ she says, letting out one of British pop’s most distinctive and defining laughs.

After wrapping the 2014 series of BGT she stepped stridently back into the studio. ‘I just wanted to feel that buzz again. Writing is second nature to me. I think most songs are pre-written, without wanting to sound too mystical about it. The good ones are, anyway. Going into the studio is just a way of downloading them. You can only take into the studio your own life experience and the people you’ve met along the way. You’re accessing something. Your soul has already decided what it is you want to say. You just have to be open to it.’ Because she’s the kind of artist that always needs her music to sound fresh and of a moment, she scrapped all previous work and started with a clean slate. In a tiny studio in Sweden she first hit musical gold-dust on a song that sounded in exactly the mould of her frame of mind, that reminded her why she was so in love with music in the first place. The big, bold, current sound of Do It For Love sounded exactly where she wanted to be musically. This wasn’t music being made to major label instruction, it was intuitive and delivered from the heart. ‘People will think it’s a love song but it’s actually about my love of music and how much I worship it and that’s what I’m doing it for now. After I had that one, I knew there was an album bursting to come out of me.’

Setting up business by herself was not an easy decision to make. Once she’d made sense of the move, it panned out perfectly for Alesha. ‘The traditional route of signing to a label as an artist doesn’t appeal to me so much because I’m not an 18-year-old trying to get my first break. I’ve got more of a business head now and I don’t want to sign away a 360degree deal in order to catch the breaks. That’s the practical reason. But on a more personal and creative level I didn’t want to have to answer to anyone about the record. I’ve done the whole thing. I’ve been across everything creatively and taken it by the reigns. I do love the thrill and the chase of the music industry machine but the days of me needing my song to go top 10 are long gone.’

Something in the change of her frame of mind, this new confidence running clearly through the album is attributable to the changes in Alesha since becoming a mother. She’s even named and dedicated the mid-paced beauty Azura to her daughter.

Much as she’s immensely proud of the opening single from the suite, the brand new equality anthem The Way We Are, she won’t be disquieting herself with its stats. ‘That gauge of commercial success is not what I’m going to bed at night thinking about anymore.’ As well as the countless triumphs Ms Dixon has enjoyed in her brilliant career, there have been lows, too. ‘I’ve been there, believe me. I’ve lived it. I can remember getting a phone call from my manager when a radio station didn’t play a song from my first solo album. I remember crying on the phone, that feeling that this can’t happen without that support. That sucks. You’ve worked on this thing for a year and a half, it’s all you care about, it’s all you really know in that time and suddenly it’s all gone. I said to myself I refuse to ever feel like that again.’

If she’s thankful for the good times, she has to be grateful for the bad, too. ‘I can weirdly look back at that time quite fondly. It was an important thing for me to go through, it shifted something. I do think every single experience you have in life sets you up for the next one. What I did say, from that moment was that I had to empower myself and get myself into a position where I would never go back to that feeling.’ Her outlook has flipped 360degrees into positivity. ‘I’ve made a record I love, I’ve funded it, I’ve put it out and I’ve kind of got the attitude of whatever will be, will be. First and foremost I had to love it. It’s scary, but I did it.’

Throughout it all, she’s kept her sense of humour. ‘I have been on a journey and what I’m very good at doing is putting life into perspective. There are so many people out there doing jobs that they don’t love. There are so many people struggling. I don’t want to get too deep but every day I give thanks that I’m doing something I love, with a roof over my head, with security and these things I never take for granted. And I’ve done that through music. Music has always been my salvation, right from the beginning.’ Her new album is Alesha’s favourite yet. ‘This sounds like the future.’

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“Music is like wind. We can’t see it but were all touched when we listen”

“My motto is see food and eat it.I’m not one of those people who thinks I’ll treat myself to one square of chocolate – I have to eat the bar”
–  Sunday Express Magazine – 30 November 2008.

“Everyone deserves to be happy with their bodies. No one gives it 2 u on a plate. Keep working hard and enjoy being yourself”
On her official Twitter

“Acknowledge people that are in a really difficult situation, that are showing bravery, that are the true stars”
during The Sun Military Awards 2011. 19 December 2011.

“Animals have always been a big part of my life. I grew up in the countryside surrounded by wildlife. I’m passionately against any kind of cruelty towards animals.”
League Against Cruel Sports interview

“Bambi was the most beautiful experience and highly emotional. Disney literally transported me to another world that I didn’t want to end!”
Alesha on Heat World

“Music is my great passion and the reason for the other incredible opportunities that have come my way and I am looking forward to getting back into the studio and focusing on making a new record in 2012.”
Yahoo! Music interview

“My friends call me Monica because she’s the one in Friends who’s obsessed with cleaning. I always think the house looks messy; a messy house can depress me. It can make me feel messy. If my house is clean and everything is in order, I feel better.”
DailyMail interview

“Strictly has just given me a real zest for life. Life is so short. We should all grasp it.”
OK! Magazine interview


“I don’t need to give Alesha any advice. Honestly, she’s a really strong woman.”
Cheryl Cole, asked if she had any advice for Dixon becoming a television judge (22 September 2009)

“You have this great laugh. It’s this crazy, mad laugh.”
Jonathan Ross. Interview on Friday night with Jonathan Ross (19 October 2009)



Alesha is very involved in many charities.

She defends animal causes with RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals).

She participated in a campaign of One Kind with the slogan ‘We’re not that different’.

Alesha also supports help for the children. Educational way, by combining National Literacy Trust which promotes reading and writing among young people; Alesha was also the godmother of the first edition of the Vocational Qualification Day in July 2008 enabling young people to discover lots of different jobs in order to better orient themselves; a financial and medical ways, with the Variety Club, Children In Need and Comic Relief which allow projects to help disadvantaged children. She also took part in a race that was organized by the BUPA Charity Run in 2006 and 2008 to raise funds for disadvantaged children.

On May 20, 2008, Alesha inaugurates Radio Lollipop which allows for creative activities and related music for the young patients at St Thomas’ Hospital (Eveline The Children’s Hospital). She was the ambassador of the campaign ‘See Something, Say Something’ of children’s television channel Nickelodeon. The campaign aimed to encourage children to talk if they were victims of extortion or bullying.

Alesha also defends associations that raise funds for medical research against diseases such as Parkinson’s disease: The Cure Parkinson’s Trust. And also the association that communicates Safe Sex on protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

She has been involved in associations that allow better visibility for the black community (and Asian) in the media: she attended an operation called ‘Circle of Life’ association Give Blood to highlight the lack of donations blood in the black and Asian communities in England. Alesha is also an ambassador of the association ACLT (African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust) which is a charity to promote bone marrow donation in the black community. She participates at the ball which is held annually to raise funds.

Alesha has been involved in two associations fighting against domestic violence: Women’s Aid with Avon and Basildon Women’s Aid.



Avon UK
Alesha become Avon’s beauty and Empowerment beauty.
Alesha promote new range of product named “Ideal Flawless” (February 2012).

LA Fitness UK
Alesha has signed a contract to be the creative director for the new advert campaign of fitness centers « LA Fitness ». Alesha has created dance classes named « Dance Fusion ».

Thomson Airways
8 July 2013
Alesha Dixon, surprised holidaymakers when she joined Thomson Airways team to celebrate the inaugural long haul flight of its superstar 787 Dreamliner aircraft, in Manchester Airport.

February 2013
Mini Babybel has signed up singer Alesha Dixon to be face of its TV ad campaign for next week’s Red Nose Day. The campaign, created by Brave, will invite people to “tell a cheesy joke” when it airs on 20 February, ahead of Red Nose Day on 15 March. It will run across TV, radio and online. The 20-second spot features Dixon as a judge to find the nation’s cheesiest jokes as a line of children queue up to tell her theirs. BabyBel will run a campaign to find the cheesiest joke and the winner will get the chance to tell their joke in a national TV spot, which will air in the spring. (via

Impulse Sweet Smile
August 2012
Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon has signed as the face of a new fragrance from Impulse. Sweet Dreams, launching in Superdrug stores exclusively from today (August 29), features fruity top notes, flowery middle notes and warm base notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and amber. It was created in collaboration with perfumer Clement Gavarry and fragrance expert Ann Gottlieb.
Chosen for her ‘notoriously infectious smile and positive, confident attitude’, Alesha features nude in the campaign images surrounded by carefully-placed flower petals in a scene reminiscent of 90s film American Beauty.

WeightWatchers UK
January 2012
Alesha recorded a song and filmed the videoclip.
Watch “Do It Our Way (Play)”

Best Buy UK
Spring 2011
Store chain « Best Buy » has launched a major number of outlets opening in England. On this occasion, Alesha Dixon takes part in free concert for some dates.
Live concert dates
– Hayes : 22 April 2011
– Bristol : 30 April 2011
– Nottingham : 28 May 2011
– Intro (Welcome To The Alesha Show)
– Let’s Get Excited
– Cinderella Shoe
– Knockdown
– The Boy Does Nothing
– Scandalous

First Cape Cafe Collection
August 2011.
Alesha has been appointed as brand ambassador ‘Cafe Collection UK’ range for ‘First Cape Cafe Collection’. Participation of Alesha is part of a marketing campaign of 2 million pounds for the range ‘First Cape’ in 2011. She’s been the brand ambassador, there has been a special website for the ad campaign and the contest (a competition ‘Queen of Chat has been organized to win a year of products’ Cafe Series’, £ 2000 and a meeting with Alesha).

Malibu UK
November 2010
Alesha signed a partnership to launch a new range of drinks from the Malibu brand. A competition is organized to go at private concert (12 November 2010).
“Malibu Presents The Ultimate Girl’s Night Out With Alesha Dixon” setlist (12 November 2010)
> Baddest Chick
> Drummer Boy
> Knockdown
> MisTeeq Medley
> Radio

Summer 2009.
Alesha recorded a song named ‘Before the Sun Goes Down’.
photos on the product, song to free download, website created (, VIP tickets to win access at one of her concerts on her Alesha Show tour.
Listen ‘Before The Sun Goes Down’

Jewelry Collection (via Argos)
Alesha created jewelry, watches… sale at Argos stores. The launch party takes part on 26 November 2009.

Launch the 16 July 2008. Summer 2008.
Alesha has been part of the advertising campaign for the new products « Veet » : « Hair Removal Creams », « In Shower Creams » and « Ready to Use Wax Strips ». Photoshoot has been made by Tim Bret-Day and spread on the press and on the website of Veet

Ford Focus
The contract concerning the new TV advertising campaign for the car brand Ford Focus. Alesha recorded the song ‘For You I Will’ for the advert in which she appears and she performed live at The International British Motor Show 2008.
Videoclip of ‘For You I Will’
Videos live of « Fired Up » during the « International British Motor Show 2008″

Ecko Red Clothing
February 2007
Alesha modeling for photos which have been spread on the Spring catalogue and on the website of Ecko Red Clothing (Ecko Unlimited group).